Damien Delvaux de Fenffe, Géologue et Consultant / Geologist & Consultant
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Research themes

My research activities cover a broad field of investigations, with structural geology and continental geodynamics as a central theme while my Ph.D thesis was devoted to the investigation of organic matter geochemistry applied to petroleum exploration. I have worked in Private, University and governmental research centers.

Research themes:

  • Intracontinental deformation (converging, wrench, diverging);
  • Intraplate tectonic stress in time and space (from geological fault-slip data and earthquake focal mechanisms);
  • Geodynamics of rifting;
  • Structural control of sedimentary basins (rifts, intra mountain depressions, platforms);
  • Tectonic inheritance and reactivation (control of deformation by pre-existing structures);
  • Active tectonics, paleosismology and sismotectonics
  • Relations between tectonics, volcanisms and climate in lacustrine systems
  • Risks induced by active geodynamic processes (earthquakes, volcanisms, landslides);
  • Hydrocarbon systems in sedimentary basins
  • Relations between faulting and mineralization

Methodologies of investigation:

  • Modern methods in structural geology, neotectonics and paleoseismology;
  • Fault kinematics and tectonic stress reconstruction;
  • Ductile and brittle tectonics;
  • Structural morphology;
  • Remote sensing, DTM, air photos processing and interpretation, GIS data integration;
  • Collaboration with laboratories and individuals in geochronology, thermochronology, paleomagnetism, sismo-tectonics, geodesy, geothermalism, hydrology, paleobotany, organic matter analysis,…

Software development in structural geology:

  • Win-Tensor Fault kinematics and tectonic stress reconstruction (2004-2010, Visual Basic 6)
  • Tensor - Fault kinematics and tectonic stress reconstruction (1990-1998, Quick Basic for DOS)
  • Convers - Basic processing of structural orientation data (1989-1999, Quick Basic)