Tensor program for fault-kinematic analysis and paleostress reconstruction

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Last publications using Win-Tensor: Stress field in Tunisia from focal mechanisms

This site is intended to provide on-line support for the dissemination of the Tensor software for fault kinematic analysis and stress tensor inversion in structural geology and tectonophysics.

TENSOR program

Data sheet of WinTensor program

The program TENSOR is an interactive software for tectonic stress determination from geological fault-slip and earthquake focal mechanisms data in structural geology, neotectonic and seismotectonic investigations. Besides its capacities for data storage and management, it allows reconstructing the four parameters of the reduced paleostress - or stress - tensor (orientation of the three principal stress axes and the shape ratio of the stress ellipsoid) using a refined Right Dihedron method and an iterative Rotational Optimisation procedure. It allows kinematic separation of fault-slip and focal mechanism data together with progressive stress tensor optimisation. Emphasis is given to user interactivity for controlled data acquisition, data selection and rotation, tensor estimation and optimisation, graphical representation and quality ranking according to the World Stress Map data base

Developed by Dr. Damien DELVAUX
Earth Sciences, Geodynamics and mineral ressources
Royal Museum for Central Africa
Tervuren - BELGIUM

Under research projects funded by the Belgian Science Policy (BELSPO)

Contact address

Available freely on request
Provided solely for non-commercial, scientific or educational use
All comments or suggested improvements are welcomed
More about Tensor

The Tensor programme was originally developed in QuickBasic for MsDos (Dos-Tensor). The first version was officially presented at the EUG VII Strasbourg in 1993. Since then it was regularly upgraded till December 2001 (version 4.33). This last version includes the Quality Ranking Scheme according to the World Stress Map 2000 release.

In order to follow the technological progress, a new Visual Basic 6 for Windows version of the same program (Win-Tensor) started to be developed in 2001. The database module was completed in early 2005 and tested in summer 2005. Development of the processing module is in progress, with the most important features are already available. The new Windows version remains fully compatible with the Dos version, including many new features.

The TENSOR program is available from the author, by request at the Contact address or by download from this web site. It is provided free of charges for non-commercial institutions, only for scientific and education purposes. In the case of publication of results obtained by this program, it is requested to mention the origin of the program by citing the reference article(s).

This program has been developed by Dr. Damien Delvaux, structural geologist and programmer specialist, initially for a didactic purpose. Developed by a geologist in constant interaction with the field and tested by several generations of students and professional users, it offers a great interactivity between the user, their data and the processing parameters. It was rapidly adopted by many became widely used worldwide.

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