Tensor program for fault-kinematic analysis and paleostress reconstruction

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TENSOR for Dos (Dos-Tensor):
robust and widely used, but with inherent limitations

DosTensor - Welcome screen The program TENSOR (MS-DOS, QuickBASIC) is an interactive package for stress determination on faults, joints and earthquake focal mechanisms. It allows reconstructing the four parameters of the reduced paleostress tensor (stress axis orientation and shape ratio of the stress ellipsoid) from fault slip data and earthquake focal mechanisms, using an improved version of the Right Dihedron Method (Angelier & Mechler, 1977) and a dynamic rotational optimisation procedure, which a.o. minimize the observed slip - computer shear mean deviations. Because the data sets are usually composite, with inhomogeneous sets or polyphyase sets of brittle structures, emphasis is given to interactive procedures for data selection and rotation, graphical representation, tensor estimation and optimisation, statistics and data base.

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DosTensor - Rotational Optimisation working sheet The Tensor program was originally developped in Quick Basic for Dos under the name TENSOR. It was first presented at the EUG VII Strasbourg in 1993. Since then it was regularly upgraded till December 2001 (version 4.33). The last version of Dos-Tensor includes the Quality Ranking Scheme according to the World Stress Map2000 release.

DosTensor - Data sheet The TENSOR for Dos program will no more be upgraded. Instead, a new version for Windows (Win-Tensor) is currently under development and part of the functionalities (but not all) of the older version for Dos are already available. The new Windows version is fully compatible with the Dos version, although it provides marked improvements and brand new functions.

Developed by Dr. Damien DELVAUX
Dept. of Geology - Mineralogy
Royal Museum for Central Africa
Tervuren - BELGIUM)

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