Tensor program for fault-kinematic analysis and paleostress reconstruction

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more than just an upgrade of Tensor for Dos

WinTensor - Welcome screen Win-Tensor is the Windows version of the Tensor program (Win-Tensor) developed originally in DOS. Development of the DOS version started in 1990 with the aim of testing the different code available at that time for handling brittle structural data, consigning them in a structured data base and performing paleostress reconstruction. It rapidly evolved into a user friendly program and was adopted by an increasing number of researchers which provided their feedback and suggested many improvements. This program, which is a by-product of my own research, has been developed in order to meet the needs of field geologists active in brittle fault analysis and paleostress reconstructions, an emerging standard method in structural geology. Conversion into Windows started in 2001 and was almost finished by late 2010. It is designed using the same structure and user-friendly approach that were appreciated with the Dos version. Win-Tensor is not simply an upgrade of the Dos version in to the Windows technology but brings also important developments of the original concept.

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WinTensor - Datasheet Win-Tensor provides the same functionalities and interactivity as with the previous version (Dos-Tensor), but using the advantages of a Windows interface. This allows displaying on the same window, text and graphics and control functions, that were managed previously using different windows. In addition, new features were developed, in support of the existing functions, or as entirely new modules. The capture of the graphic displays, one of the greatest problems of the old version, is now solved. WinTensor - Dieder processing sheet Similarly, the size of the database is no more limited to 2-300 data as it was in the Dos version.

The data files produced with the old Dos version remain fully compatible with the Windows version.

Developed by Dr. Damien DELVAUX
Dept. of Geology - Mineralogy
Royal Museum for Central Africa
Tervuren - BELGIUM)

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Provided solely for non-commercial, scientific or educational use
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WinTensorTM is the name of a software written by Werner Kaminsky (University of Washington) to help derive and visualize measurements in crystals. Since the name WinTensor has been disclosed and signed as trademark, the Windows version of our TENSOR program has been renamed as Win-Tensor (executable file Win_Tensor.exe).

We apologise for the inconveniances.