Damien Delvaux de Fenffe, Géologue et Consultant / Geologist & Consultant
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Natural Laboratories

Most of my work is related to intracontinental deformation in a large variety of geodynamic contexts, with case studies in Central and east Africa, Central Asia, Middle-East and Western Europe, using a series of techniques combining structural geology, remote sensing, neotectonics and active tectonics.

Geotectonic regions:

  • Cuvette Centrale / Congo Basin (RDCongo)
  • East African Rift System (Tanzania, RDCongo, Rwanda, Zambia, Uganda)
  • Lufilian Arc (RDCongo, Zambia)
  • Baikal rift system (Russia, Mongolia)
  • Altai-Sayan transpressional to transtensional belts in Central Asia (Russie, Kazakhstan, Mongolie, Chine)
  • Tien-Shan active compressional belt (Kyrgyzstan)
  • Dead Sea - Gulf of Aden transcurrent fault zone (Jordania, Israël)
  • West African Passive Margin (RDC, Angola)
  • North Variscan front (French and Belgian Ardennes).

As scientific support, I participated also to the installation of seismic stations and geodetic GPS as a contribution to capacity building, in collaboration with the AfricaArray initiative.

Geophysical observatories

  • Mbeya - Masoko (Tanzania)
  • Lubumbashi - UNILU (RDCongo)
  • Kamina - UNIKAM (RDCongo)
  • Pweto - Lake Mwero (RDCongo)
  • Bobandana - Lake Kivu (RDCongo)
  • Kigali - KIST (Rwanda)