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Special Issues

    Communications of the Dublin Institute for Advanced Studies, Series D, Geophysical Bulletin No. 48, 172 pp., 1997. ISBN 1 85500 991 9. Lithospheric Structure, Evolution and Sedimentation in Continental Rifts (edited by Jacob, A.W.B., Delvaux, D., and Khan, M.A). Proceedings of IGCP 400 first annual meeting, Dublin, March 20-22, 1997.

    Bulletin des Centres de Recherches Exploration-Production Elf-Aquitaine, 1993-2000. ISSN 0396-2687. Special series of 11 articles on Recent Developments in the Geological Knowledge of the Baikal Rift System, (edited by Logatchev, N.A., Curnelle, R. and Delvaux, D.)

    Journal of African Earth Sciences, Vol. 26 (3), April 1998, pp. 343-495. ISSN 0899-5362. Special issue : Tectonics, Sedimentation and Volcanism in the East African Rift System (edited by Delvaux, D. and Khan, A.).

    Journal of African Earth Sciences, Vol.30 (3), April 2000, pp. 427-771. ISSN 0899-5362. Special issue: Botswana - 50Th Anniversary of the Geological Survey, Geodynamics of Continental Rifting (IGCP400), Evolution of the Kibaran belt (IGCP418), Neoproterozoic foreland basins (IGCP419) (Edited by D.C. Turner, R. Mapeo, D. Delvaux, A.B. Kampunzu and W. Wendorff).

    International Journal of Earth Sciences (former Geologische Rundschau), Vol. 89, N°2, pp.183-283, September 2000. ISSN: 1437-3254 (printed version). ISSN 1437-3262 (electronic version). Proceedings of the Active Tectonic Continental Basins International Conference, Gent, Belgium, April 30 - May 2, 1998. (Edited by M. De Batist, D. Delvaux, N.L. Dobretsov and J. Klerkx).

    Tectonophysics, Vol. 351, issues 1-2, 2002, pp.1-169 (2002), Tectonic control of continental sedimentary basins in Altai-Baikal, Central Asia. (Edited by D. Delvaux, M. De Batist, N.L. Dobretsov and J. Klerkx).

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