Tensor program for fault-kinematic analysis and paleostress reconstruction

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Download center for Win-Tensor

When downloading Win-Tensor, with your address for our records, indicating for what purpose you will use the program. Your data will be kept for sending you notices for the release of further versions, unless specified that you dont want to be kept informed.

Win-Tensor program (not to be confused with the WinTensorTM program of Werner Kaminsky)
Windows Installer Package (version 5.8.8 of 31/05/2018)

Download Win_Tensor.msi, the Windows Installer Package for installaing the Win-Tensor program.

To install Win-Tensor, execute Win_Tensor.msi on your computer and follow the instructions on the installation wizard. The program will be installed in Program Files/Win_Tensor. Shortcuts will be placed on the StartMenu and on the Desktop

To uninstall or repair Win-Tensor, execute Win_Tensor.msi and select uninstall or repair.

Win_Tensor_5-8-8.msi   Release notes   Disclamer

Executable file only (version 5.8.8 of 31/05/2018)

New version, not completely finished and tested with updated EPS graphic output and new SVG graphic output. Replace the older Win_Tensor.exe file in the Win_Tensor/Program File folder by the new executable file and remove "_5-8-8" from the file name


Sample data files (different formats)
Win-Tensor Data (.wtd)   Tensor for Dos (.DAT)   Excel format (.xls)   Comma-delimited (.csv)  


When Win_Tensor is running for the first time on a computer, the windows for setting the default options will be presented automatically. After setting the options, they will be saved for future use as resident settings on the computer.

The data files with 'WTD' as extension (Win-Tensor Data) are defined as typical Win-Tensor data files. These are Tab-delimited text files that can be opened with Excel if the extension 'WTD' is changed into 'TXT'. It is a good practice to associate the WTD files with the Win_Tensor.exe program so they can be opened directly by Win_Tensor when double-clicking on them.

Available freely on request or download.
Provided solely for non-commercial, scientific or educational use.
All comments or suggested improvements are welcomed.

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